The Art of The Come Back: Highland Park artist seeks a return to the spotlight

Rafael Serrano at K-York Studio/Nathan Solis

Story Photos By Nathan Solis

The life of an artist is difficult. The art scene is fickle. Rafael Serrano of Highland Park knows that first hand.

“I should be much further ahead in my career today. If only I didn’t drift away for those twelve years,” artist Rafael Serrano says inside K-York Studio in Highland Park, reclining on a couch, surrounded by elegant furniture and his most recent art.

Like his collage’s, Serrano’s career was scattered about up until a few years ago. In the ‘80s, he was an up-and-coming artist who worked with photography, made the shift to painting and began to show in world renowned galleries. In the mid ‘90s the praise he received began to wane as the art world began to ignore more traditional artists and by the early 2000s

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