The Artists Behind Rihanna’s, Cara Delevingne’s, and Justin Bieber’s Tattoos

When Justin Bieber debuted a tattoo across his abdomen that read “Son of God” during a concert in Italy in November, the ink elicited screams and all-caps Instagram captions from fans. It would seem that Bieber’s ever-expanding list of tattoos has become something of an obsession among his fans, and, like any accessory worth obsessing over in 2016, its primary author has become something of a celebrity himself. A closer look at Bieber’s ink over the years leads back to the name of Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, the frequent Bieber-inker who—with his 1.5 million Instagram followers— has become as famous, in some circles, as his A-list clients. The rise of the power stylist led to everything from clothing lines to reality-TV shows; is the power tattoo artist next?

McCurdy has many tales to tell about his time inking the stars. He once tattooed Bieber on

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