The Crocker Features Artwork from E. Charlton Fortune


Female impressionist exhibit currently on display

The Crocker is exhibiting art from a very important California artist until late April. E. Charlton Fortune was an American artist whose career peaked during a time of cultural transformation regarding gender relations in Western society.

Born in Sausalito, Calif. in 1885, Fortune’s works are emblematic of American Impressionism, yet retain a distinct Californian flavor. The lush color and vibrant quality of the California landscape echoes throughout the paintings of this artist.

In one piece, a cove dotted with houses is illuminated, revealing a wide array of richly colored yellow and brown squares. In another, the red brick rooftops hum passionately against a backdrop of mountains laden with green.

While labeled Impressionist, Fortune frequently broke traditions associated with European Impressionism. Her works feature the loose, painterly brushstrokes associated with the Impressionist movement, yet

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