The Lady of the Lake: The Depression Era Roots of Echo Park’s Unofficial …

Ada May and Uncle Sam

By taking the simple attitude that artists want both to work and eat, and that the public needs their contribution to civilization, Uncle Sam has started a real art movement. Instead of a lot of gush about the “sweet mystery” and uplifting influence of art which well fed “art lovers” have fed to starving artists in lieu of hard cash, Uncle Sam proffered a modest but regular pay check.

–Arthur Miller, The Los Angeles Times, February 4, 1934

Artists are blossoming under this genial and broad minded government patronage, just as the artists of the renaissance bloomed under kings and dukes.

— The Los Angeles Times, January 18, 1934

The sculptress of the “Queen of the Angels,” Ada May Sharpless, was born in 1904 in Hilo, Hawaii, and moved with her family to Santa Ana as a small child. A smart, brave and artistic girl, she

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