The Local: All the Holy Mountains embrace a shimmering guitar-based ambience and impressionism on new EP

All the Holy Mountains, (self-titled)

Chattanooga musician Jack Sawyer possesses a freewheeling creativity, a restless musical instinct that compels him to explore the extended boundaries of his influences. Over the years, he’s submerged himself into a handful of genres, finding ways to present new and unique perspectives within all his endeavors. But under the alias of All the Holy Mountains, he seems to have found a pure distillation of the numerous sounds swirling around in his head.

Using the moniker as a way to dig deep into these particular rhythmic impulses, he crafts a mesmerizing strain of guitar-based ambience. And while Sawyer isn’t miming anyone specifically — he’s far too intuitive to simply feed off the sounds of other artists — he does owe some debt to the bands who helped to build the foundations of shoegaze and

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