The moon IS made out of cheese! Artists create miniature landscapes using tiny …

  • Amazing works are by Italians Antonio Magliocchetti and Stefano Adorinni
  • They have made more than 130 photos from bread, pineapples and coffee
  • Antonio: ‘We usually create them in our living rooms during our free time’
  • Their secret is £1 figurines on eBay, a good camera and very steady hands

Dan Bloom

14:29 EST, 15 January 2014


16:04 EST, 15 January 2014

Art may be food for the soul, but these works really are good enough to eat.

Two amateur photographers have made more than 100 miniature scenes in their living rooms – with food from their kitchen cupboards.

The ‘food art’ includes a moon landing in parmesan cheese, a ski slope on an iced cake, an office built from wafer biscuits and a crib containing the baby Jesus inside a muffin.

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