The Sweat-to-Water Purifier: Real-Life Dune Still Suit Will Save Lives

Nobody wants to drink their own processed urine like Kevin Costner did in Waterworld. Lord no, that’s disgusting. But drinking your own sweat like Kyle MacLachlan from Dune, now that’s the ticket. And with the help of this new distillation device, people living in even the most parched environments will have easy access to potable water derived from their own bodily fluids.

Simply dubbed the “Sweat Machine,” this device distills water from sweat-soaked clothes using a technique known as membrane distillation. “They have something similar on the [International] Space Station to treat astronaut’s urine—but our machine was cheaper to build,” the device’s inventor, Andreas Hammar, told the BBC. The machine first spins the wet clothing in a centrifuge (aka a washing machine’s spin cycle) to extract the fluids from the clothing. The sweat is then heated and distilled through a newly-developed distillation membrane developed by Article source:

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