The Unusual History of Cosmism and the Future of Pavel Pepperstein


Pavel Pepperstein, “Joseph und Seine Brueder” (2016), acrylic on canvas, 145 x 195 cm (courtesy of Regina Gallery)

MOSCOW — “Patriots of the Earth” (2016) is a painting by Pavel Pepperstein, one of Russia’s leading contemporary artists. It’s now hanging in a strangely shaped corridor leading to a tower at Moscow’s State Darwin Museum, a natural history museum currently hosting the rather informal exhibition Alternative Theories of Evolution. Some months ago, this painting was lying in Pepperstein’s studio alongside many other works in preparation for three different exhibitions, and although it belongs to none of them, it succinctly presents the relationship of Pepperstein to Russian history and to the concept of historical time in general. “Patriots of the Earth” is a narration about a number of prominent historical figures who, after death, were revived and chose to

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