The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

MELBOURNE — As a native of the Chicago suburbs, Nancy Adams grew up with a deep appreciation of art, regularly visiting museums and art institutes, although she never classified herself as an artist. Today, she creates assemblages — a three-dimensional art form that combines items, often everyday objects — together to convey a message or theme. The art form dates back at least 100 years with Pablo Picasso’s three-dimensional creation “Still Life 1914.”

“My mom in particular was passionate about the fine arts and creative in many ways,” Adams said. “She taught me visual literacy.”

She recalled how her mother started her own school-based art appreciation program, whereby she would volunteer her time giving art presentations to students.

“It was called ‘Picture Lady.’ This is really how I first saw the marriage of art and education,” the artist explained.

But it wasn’t until her college years at Eastern Illinois University

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