There’s still life in hand-push lawnmowers

If you trim the lawn regularly you don’t need to collect the clippings, they
will quickly break down into the soil (but bear in mind they “walk” into the
house too).

You do need to keep the lawn free of debris such as leaves and twigs as they
can jam the cylinder in its tracks. The side-wheel versions tend to fall off
the lawn edge in use and don’t mow close to fences. But there are no spark
plugs, electrical cables or messy fuel to contend with.

The greenest choice

When buying a mower, the greenest option is to buy a reconditioned/recycled
model that still has plenty of life in it. Old lawnmowers were built to last
a lifetime and engineered using high-grade materials to a high

Look out for old push mowers on Freecycle and

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