‘There’s still life in retro games’

Simply pass a storefront stocked with N64, PlayStation and Dreamcast games with older gamers in tow and you’ll be able to see that retro is very much still in fashion.

The accompanying chorus of phrases like ‘I remember playing this as a kid’ and ‘I put so many hours into Goldeneye’ highlights the nostalgia-driven opportunity retailers should be harnessing – with many already taking the chance.

“Retro gaming remains big news for us,” GAME category director Charlotte Knight tells MCV. “A number of our customers are still getting considerable use out of their older consoles. The PS2 and original Xbox are still great pieces of kit as well as an affordable entry point to gaming. 

“Our aim is to make the widest possible range of software, hardware, digital content and accessories available to our customers, and as long as there is demand

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