This is How Young Jeezy, Lupe Fiasco and the Rap Community Reacted to the …

Hip hop began as a form of expressionism, storytelling and advocacy. When news of George Zimmerman’s acquittal broke, it was no shock that some of the genre’s biggest stars voiced their opinions.

The most notable reaction came from Young Jeezy, who dropped a tribute song to Trayvon Martin titled “It’s a Cold World” shortly after the trial’s verdict. “I’mma do it for Trayvon,” the Atlanta rapper says. The song was accompanied with a terse message on Facebook that claimed Jeezy was “in no way shape, form, or fashion … trying to capitalize off of the latest series of events.” The track is especially significant given Jeezy’s career as a “trap rapper,” one who’s artistry includes boasts of gun-toting.

Russell Simmons focused more on a peaceful and civil approach to the news, while Jill Scott used the verdict to encourage future political participation and vigilance.


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