This is why King’s life, legacy, and hope still matter : Speak Easy …

The act of violence that ended King’s life did not halt the revolution for freedom. It marches on today in the form of the Black Lives Matter movement, which campaigns for an end to violence against African-Americans. Although such violence is not as prevalent today as in the 1960s, police brutality has become its main, recurring form.

A misinterpretation of the meaning of “Black Lives Matter” has influenced the All Lives Matter campaign. In reality, Black Lives Matter highlights black lives because those are the ones in danger. It in no way says that only black lives matter. Many in the Black Lives Matter movement view their efforts for positive change on a continuum that traces back to King. However, the fact that people still have to protest against violence toward black people shows that King’s dream still matters today.

King was instrumental in moving us forward, but there is still so

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