Three new exhibits at Wichita Art Museum explore landscape

Three new exhibitions at the Wichita Art Museum explore the concept of landscape in three distinct ways.

An offering from Liza Lou, known for large-scale pieces involving tiny glass beads, presents a shimmering golden wheat field made of 1 million strands of wire strung with beads and bundled into 2,000 shocks. Wichita native Stuart Allen’s photographs in “Kansas Low Resolution” zoom in to share a mere four or 49 pixels from a larger image, evoking just the essence of a place or scene. And with the sound installation “Prairie,” artist Shawn Decker contrasts soothing nature sounds such as crickets, wind and rain with the mechanical visuals of rods, wires, motors and speakers.

“All three of them are artists that are taking unique approaches to landscape in some way,” said Lisa Volpe, curator at the Wichita Art Museum.

Bead by bead

For the “Gather (one million)” wheat field sculpture and the three accompanying woven canvases,

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