Three Reasons to Visit MMoCA

Art Fair on the Square is coming up this weekend, but continue your art seeking down State Street to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. Three exhibitions explore American themes in photography, showcase the latest work by a Madison artist and offer a fantastic introduction to Mexican modernism.

Focal Points: American Photography Since 1950 (through September 1) poses an interesting question, what is American? And then digs into the museum’s permanent collection to provide answers. The show reveals how photography has captured and expressed American identity.

With sections devoted to themes of people, the American road, the body, city and suburb, rural America, nature and fantasy, the exhibition offers up images you might expect—yet they feel authentic, not cliché.

In the “We the People” section, photographs show teens hanging out, men shaking hands, football fans, a woman in a café—people as they really are. A highlight is Ida Wyman’s “Girl

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