Top Tickets: June 19–25

Diablo’s can’t-miss events of the coming week: Alameda County Fair, Shakespeare in the vineyards, Danville street art fair, an SNL alum in Pleasanton, Diebenkorn’s Berkeley years, and more.

Alameda County Fair

Two very exciting events start their runs this week: the 101st annual Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, and at the other end of the cultural spectrum, a new retrospective at San Francisco’s De Young Museum of paintings by artist Richard Diebenkorn, produced while he was living in Berkeley in the 1950s and 1960s.

Among many things, the Alameda County Fair (June 19–July 7) reminds attendees that not so long ago our suburban landscape was farm country, and many residents worked the land, raised their own food, and made much of what they needed on a daily basis themselves, including clothes and canned goods. Like all county fairs, Alameda’s fair features junior livestock demonstrations and competitions for the best homemade apricot

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