Tropical Depression Alberto Is Still Clinging To Life In the Midwest

Tropical Depression Alberto over Indiana on May 30, 2018.

Remember Subtropical Storm Alberto? Sure you do. The storm made landfall in Florida on Monday afternoon, so about a hundreds news cycles ago. The storm is now a fully-tropical cyclone as it resiliently clings to life over Indiana. It’s not too unusual to see a landfalling storm survive that far inland, but Alberto is an interesting case.

Alberto looks absolutely phenomenal on visible satellite imagery today. Judging on appearances alone, Tropical Depression Alberto could easily be mistaken for a strengthening hurricane if it were over the water in the middle of July. The storm has that classic pinwheel look to it. The latest advisory from the Weather Prediction Center (WPC)—the agency that handles tropical cyclone forecasts once they move inland—shows that the center of Tropical Depression Alberto is located west of Indianapolis. The storm has sustained winds of

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