Valley artist’s work requires active viewing for different perspective – Las Vegas Review

Inside the recently opened Spring Mountains Visitor Gateway Center is a frosty white mural that holds hidden secrets to the naked eye. It’s only when seen with a polarized viewer that a new colorful world greets the eyes.

It is the latest work of Henderson-area resident Austine Wood Comarow, who has devoted her life to a new medium called Polarized Light Art.

“When I first started developing my work in the late ’70s and early ’80s, it was very much about light coming through things and the movement of the light,” Comarow said. “That was sort of influenced by living near the Strip and seeing all of its lights. Even though my subject matter was always of nature, I did feel a connection to the energy of this place.”

It took Comarow more than two years to bring her latest mural to life. She studied the native plants and animals of the area

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