VLAFF: Style dwarfs story in Sadourni’s Butterflies



Shot over 12 years by first time director Dario Nardi (which adds a real buzz as actor Cristian Medrano ages right before our eyes), the Argentine film exists in its own space somewhere between silent expressionism and our digital now. And it’s ravishing. If Nardi never quite finds the otherness that springs so naturally from the work of someone like Guy Maddin, there’s still much to admire.

The film’s opening sequence—where we learn how the cuckolded Sadourni became a double murderer—is a self-contained masterpiece of bravura storytelling. Yet it’s a modest scene midway through that has the bigger emotional payload, in which Sadourni dubs orgasm sounds onto a porno flick, accompanied by the film’s love interest, Alexia (Antonella Costa).

Her smile as they finish speaks

Article source: http://www.straight.com/movies/417866/vlaff-style-dwarfs-story-sadournis-butterflies

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