Walnut Creek artist finds the abstract in realistic works …

WALNUT CREEK — When Peter McNeill looks at his painting, “Red Ship,” he tries to interact with it in a way he said he imagines a viewer would.

“I like that red but I especially like the shape of that shadow,” said the Walnut Creek artist. “The shadow of the bow is kind of an abstract shape but it makes the bow stand out. I want to capture the feeling of this large ship.”

The landscape and figurative artist, who uses oil and various drawing media, said he’s interested in the effects of light, shadow, and the more abstract patterns that appear in realism. He’s also curious about the way a person may react and interact with a painting’s composition.

“I’ve always had an eye for design,” said McNeill, who holds a design degree from UC Davis. “I like to find abstract things in a visual world. There’s design to all

Article source: http://www.eastbaytimes.com/lafayette/ci_30309102/walnut-creek-artist-finds-abstract-realistic-works

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