Warhol’s influence apparent in current Kress Gallery exhibit

Christopher Turner thought about Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, how both had their own set of struggles in the art world.

Look at their work now. It’s exhibited in museums and major art venues throughout the world.

And though the Kress Gallery isn’t one of those venues, it can be a place to showcase these artists’ legacy.

That’s not to say Jacob Zumo was directly influenced by Warhol, but Warhol definitely kicked down the door that would have barred Zumo’s pop art from serious exhibition spaces.

As for Andrew Robertson, he immediately credits Pollock’s free style as influencing his own abstract expressionist work.

Work by both artists are featured in the Kress’ show, titled Abstract Expressionism Pop Art. The show runs through Monday, Aug. 12, and its title is simple yet effective.

Pop art and abstract expressionism have a way of playing off one another, moving its viewers

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