Watchung Arts Center to feature two art exhibits with four local talents – Independent Press

The Watchung Arts Center will present two unique art exhibitions that will run Saturday, June 1, through Sunday, June 30. The Upper Gallery features three talented black artists while the Lower Gallery will showcase the work of local artist and gallery owner, Brian McCormack.

Beyond What the Eyes Can See: Work of Fine Art by Three Renowned Local African American Artists will be featured in the Upper Gallery. The work features styles that range from realism to abstract, from electrifying to provocative, from disbelief to “warm and fuzzy inside.” Their work will sooth your soul and perhaps change your perception of everyday life around you. It will include the following artists:

Indira Bailey, an artist, illustrator and educator. Bailey’s work demonstrates her pride, talent and her genuine interest in showing her experience as an African American woman and her travels abroad in a positive light. Her goal was to illustrate

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