Wayne Thiebaud examines a still life

One lender is Wayne Thiebaud, the 92-year-old master of hand-painted Pop famous for his candy-colored richly textured images of pies, cakes and ice-cream treats.

He loaned a Diebenkorn still life from 1955 that features a bottle and spoon against a sea of competing blues for the show, which runs through Sept. 29.

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We called Thiebaud at his studio in Sacramento to learn more about the untitled painting.

How did you come to own this work?

My son who passed away [Paul Thiebaud, 1960-2010] managed to buy it for us. We had a couple Diebenkorn etchings and drawings, so we were happy to have the chance to acquire it. It was near the end of Paul’s time as a dealer, so we haven’t had it that long.

I thought maybe you traded your own work for it.

We did trade works before — there was a time

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