We have a duty not to whitewash the truth

He is concerned with the representation and effect of truth. This is not at all easy. He will have to muster all his courage and use all his strength. He will have to be smart – it is all extremely dangerous!

But the danger of misusing truth as a tactical weapon ought not to be so great, since truth is still quite clearly distinct from lies – like poor and rich, like good and evil, like any pair of oppositions that still lends itself to convenient simpli?cations and blanket statements there, where they are still relevant to society.

What counts for socialist realists and socialist art is above all the formulation of truths: simple and complicated truths. The socialist realist should not privilege bene?cent truth any more than he should avoid painful truth. Life does that of its own accord.

To me there is only one truth that could conceivably be of any

Article source: http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/news/content/view/full/136360

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