Weekend Gallery Report: Cut-ups, abstraction and the Quran illuminated

Chinese sculpture, Iranian video, abstraction, figuration, cut-ups from the 1960s and an American artist who has taken it upon himself to illuminate the Quran. This past Saturday, I managed to get in a round of gallery hopping in the afternoon hours. It was a bit of a testosterone-fest, with works that were big and bigger. (I may have to make up for it next time with a ladies-only report.) What follows is a very informal tour of what I saw:

Before + after by Frederick Hammersley at L.A. Louver
GOING HARD-EDGE. I started in Venice: a lousy place to park, but the perfect destination for anyone seeking to procure art andpatchouli in a single outing. My first stop was L.A. Louver, which in its upstairs space has a small exhibition of work by Frederick Hammersley, a painter associated with Article source: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/miranda/la-et-cam-weekend-gallery-report-cutups-abstraction-quran-sandow-birk-20140928-htmlstory.html

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