What will become of Harry Jackson’s life work? – Casper Star

CODY — The building on Blackburn Street does not look like a place where a world-renowned artist would house his life’s work.

Its tan, metal siding and large delivery bay doors are more industrial park than Guggenheim. A barbed wire fence rings the parameter, keeping the curious at bay.

The only indication that this building is not, say, a distribution center is a large sculpture of Sacagawea, her red and white-stripped blanket faded by time, and a sign. It shows a rider on his speeding horse and the words, “Harry Jackson Art Museum — By Appointment Only.”

Perhaps the oddest thing about the building on Blackburn Street is this: its former owner was anything but unassuming.

He sang with Boy Dylan, painted with Jackson Pollock, sculpted John Wayne and was a favorite of Ronald Regan, who had eight of his pieces at the White House.

He ran away at 14 and went to war at

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