What Will The Death Of Net Neutrality Mean For Rural Communities?

The Federal Communications Commission starts dismantling net neutrality regulations on April 23, 2018. That could mean when you’re watching that next episode of ‘The Crown” it could buffer endlessly or not. No one really knows yet.  

We do know that access and streaming issues are already an issue for rural Americans and getting rid of net neutrality could impact them the most.

Kate Vickery and her husband are horse people. They also work in tech — developing and designing software.

So when they moved to Colorado a little over a year ago they were looking for two things in a home: wide open space and a solid internet connection. They finally found a place in Westcliffe.  It’s a town of around six hundred people nestled in a pastoral valley between two snow-capped mountain ranges.

Vickery muses that out here, “You know you may still have a hard work day,

Article source: http://kuer.org/post/what-will-death-net-neutrality-mean-rural-communities

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