What You See When You See: Life beyond the still life

By: Suresh Jayaram

The most famous still life is Sunflowers by Van Gogh. It broke the auction record for a painting when it was purchased by a Japanese investor for $40 million. Still life is the most common and popular exercise in art class, and continues to be an obsession to some. One can explore deeper meanings associated with this genre. Whenever you see an appetising food photograph in a glossy magazine, it is a representative of a heightened inspirational lifestyle and the image showcases the food culture of our times that are trending. Incidentally, the most common still life arrangement is seen in our local eateries (Darshini) with stock images of food that is back lit. Still life is part of our reality.

Just look around and you will notice that we are surrounded by still life. If we are able to isolate objects from their surroundings, these can

Article source: http://www.bangaloremirror.com/columns/others/What-You-See-When-You-See-Life-beyond-the-still-life/articleshow/47475941.cms

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