What’s all the Hush about?

HUSH-Moments-in-Soul-Detail-1by Lucy Sabin



1. to make or become silent; quieten

2. to soothe or be soothed


1. stillness; silence

2. an act of hushing

HUSH-Moments-in-Soul-Detail-1 (1)interjection:

a plea or demand for silence



proper noun:

the pseudonym for a street artist whose creations are capable of instilling a sense of arresting wonder and serenity amidst the rush of city life


A graduate of Newcastle School of Art and Design, Hush has travelled extensively – throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. His exposure to a diverse array of cultures is reflected in his exotic and eclectic style.

Yet Hush’s amaranthine renditions of the female form pose an unchanging central focus, evoking the paradoxical innocence of female sexuality. ‘Fantasies for Naughty Boys’, which portrays women as nude manga figures, draws explicit attention to this sexuality, although its cartoon style retains playfulness. Whereas his

Article source: http://www.palatinate.org.uk/?p=40422

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