When The Home Is The Art

The late Michael Knigin’s living room in his East Hampton home on Close Court might as well be part of a tropical rain forest. Big, bright and bold nature paintings pervade the surroundings. Luscious orchards, squawking birds and even a ferocious tiger leer and lunge from the walls at visitors. But wait. That’s not the only world ahead.

Around the corner, the French Riviera suddenly appears where another room is filled with Mr. Knigin’s exploding fireworks, portraits of carnival characters and splashing waves. A few more steps into his studio, and his abstract landscapes sit front and center on several easels. There, too, paintings of outer space take off for a distant cosmos.

There’s one more room to explore—a special place with prints of the artist’s Holocaust scenes and his striking portrait of Anne Frank.

While the home, where Mr. Knigin’s wife, the artist Joan Kraisky, continues to live,

Article source: http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/East-Hampton-Village/501522/When-The-Home-Is-The-Art

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