Who is Jean-Paul? A new way to market Impressionism

A 21st-century marketing scheme is grabbing attention, courtesy of a 19th-century man.

Perhaps you’ve seen him. He’s hard to miss. You spot his tall top hat first. Then your eyes travel down to his black coat, his cravat and dress shirt, farther down to his gold pocket watch tucked into a tight-fitting vest and finally to the brass-edged walking cane that he swings. He introduces himself as Jean-Paul Brunier, a traveling sartorialist from 19th-century Paris. He says he woke up one morning in “the wrong city, the wrong century” — trapped in modern-day Chicago with his dapper outfits and a boxy, large-format camera.

For a 19th-century chap, Jean-Paul has mastered social media, with a Tumblr blog and Twitter persona (@jeanpaul19). He posts pictures of daily street fashion, tweets and re-tweets. He even vlogs — one black-and-white video showed him grimacing with an “Ooh la la,” as he eyed a can of

Article source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/ct-ent-0729-jean-paul-20130728,0,2546693.story

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