Who Is the Brilliant Mind Behind the Brexit Still Life? Britain may now enjoy its lonely can of beans.

Since the shocking news of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, social media has been abuzz, with much of the art world and the general public still reeling about the Brexit vote.

While artnet News has analyzed some of the potential effects that Brexit may have on the art market, one widespread meme tackles the issue from a uniquely accessible point of view: Food.

In a still life photograph that has been like over 300,000 times on Facebook, a wide array of European food stuffs occupy a wooden table. Rich cheeses, juicy grapes, fusilli pasta, Irish butter, Polish chocolate, French wine—even a Dutch stroopwafel—they all sit clustered together, a harmonious melting pot of delicacies from across the EU.

At the edge of the table, segregated from all else, sits a lonely cans of beans, its contents unceremoniously dumped into a small white dish. Post-Brexit, the photo implies, the UK

Article source: https://news.artnet.com/art-world/brexit-still-life-meme-505757

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