Winning artist exhibits at museum

Artist Ann Gildner of Cheboygan had her doubts about getting any works accepted into last year’s competitive Besser Museum Juried Art Exhibit.

“Whenever you enter a juried exhibit you always check to see who’s the juror,” Gildner said. “The juror was a realist who does very fine, detailed realism. I do not do realistic painting. I like shapes, forms and colors so I don’t paint realistic. I thought there’s no way I’m going to get in.”

In the long run, Gildner not only entered the competition and had one of her pieces accepted, but she also ended up winning the top prize. Along with major kudos for her piece called Chair Metal, she won the right to have her own solo exhibit at the museum in 2013.

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News Photo by Diane Speer
This mixed media piece shows the new direction artist Ann Gildner of Cheboygan has taken her art. It

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