Wojciech Madeyski’s blends art and architecture with passion and courage


Painting. Power. Passion. Parkinson’s. 

These four forces combine in Wojciech Madeyski’s newest and possibly most inspiring exhibit — a culmination of over 50 years of work as architect, artist and environmental champion.

Born in Poland, the 76-year old Madeyski — who goes by the nickname of Voy — lived and studied in Warsaw, and then Paris. He moved to Chicago in 1966, and soon after to Highland Park, where he still lives.  

Over the years, he has developed a very successful career as a Chicago area architect and artist both. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionism works of Jackson Pollock, Voy describes his own unique form of Expressionist art as one that is “rooted in realistic subjects seeking another dimension.”  

The majority of his paintings relate in some way to architecture and environment. Since 2003, his art has been further influenced by his personal battle

Article source: http://highlandpark.suntimes.com/things-to-do/arts/wojciech_madeyski_s_blends_art_and_architecture_wi-LFR-07222013:article

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