Woodmere ups the ante with “The Poker Game and Its Circle”

“The Poker Game” by Larry Day.

by William R. Valerio

Woodmere, like all art museums, benefits from the process of organizing its exhibitions, assembling information in order to know our collection better and share the pleasures of works of art.

I mention this by way of inviting every reader of the Chestnut Hill Local to Woodmere this coming Saturday, July 20, from 2 to 5 p.m., for an opening of “The Poker Game” and “Its Circle”, an exhibition on view through Oct. 26 that interprets a special work of art in Woodmere’s collection: “The Poker Game” (1970), by the artist Larry Day (1921-1998).

Day is an artist we should all know. His work is found in the collections of major museums across the country, and he was revered as a guru in the art community of Philadelphia in his time.

Article source: http://chestnuthilllocal.com/blog/2013/07/18/woodmere-ups-the-ante-with-the-poker-game-and-its-circle/

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