10 Art Terms That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

When talking about art, there are more than a few vocabulary words that — let’s face it — we use to sound smart. Call them highfalutin and grandiloquent (see what we did there?), terms like “postmodernism” and “assemblage” are tossed about like badges of honor or passwords to an exclusive club. And, in our efforts to belong to the realm of snobby critics and hyper-conceptual artists, we end up misusing words that have very real, definitive meanings.

So, in an effort to dispel any vocab rumors and equip our readers with a handy pocket guide to art jargon, we’re playing “Define That Term!” here on HuffPost Arts and Culture. Behold, 10 terms and expressions that don’t mean what you think they mean.

1. Postmodernism

sol lewitt

Postmodernism is a word your artsiest of art friends throw around with

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/29/misused-art-terms_n_5214488.html

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