1990s Artist Chases Super Realism

Zhao Tianshun never enjoyed the advantages of his artistic peers. Denied access to a paintbrush until he was 16, the artist’s early life appeared to be fated for struggle and hardship in a State-owned factory.

Born in Wuhan, Hubei province in 1991, Zhao grew up in a working class family with few connections to the artistic world. But that changed in 2007 when a distant uncle in Beijing invited him to spend some time in his studio by North Forth Ring Road.

“Seeing him being absorbed in creating in such a large space, I was totally enchanted. I started to fantasize about working an artist like him,” Zhao says.

After returning to Wuhan, Zhao enrolled in a pre-sessional course at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Central China’s top art school. Without any painting experience or art education, Zhao spent two years catching up on the basic skills and knowledge that his peers

Article source: http://beijingtoday.com.cn/2015/02/1990s-artist-chases-super-realism/

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