A Brief Rant on the Exhaustion of the Avant-Garde, Zombie Formalism and What …


Pierre Auguste Renoir, Nude in the Sun, circa 1875-6, oil on canvas, 32″ × 25.6″

“…Try to explain to Monsieur Renoir that a woman’s torso is not a mass of decomposing flesh with those purplish-green stains.”

– Critic Albert Wolff, writing about Renoir’s Nude in the Sun

Hard to believe, isn’t it, but Renoir’s Nude in the Sun was once considered threatening: when first exhibited it’s Impressionist palette violated long-standing academic rules about the use of color in shadows. These days you won’t find a museum director anywhere in the world who wouldn’t covet the tiny, sun-dappled nude, and the once offensive image is emblazoned on a coffee mug that can be purchased on eBay for $13.99 with free shipping. Now that its original aura of challenge and disruption has dissipated, a work of art

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