A cut above the rest


Serigraphs by Suhas Roy.

Silk screen is a type of graphic art, says Monirul Islam, of Spain fame, one of the 15 celebrated artists, whose works are on display at a week long exhibition at Chitrak. Sometimes his drawing appears like a horse, and at times, it appears like the wind. “The artist offers an image, and the art lover uses his imagination to interpret whatever he fancies,” says Monir. Normally he uses colour, but here he has used black and white, which personally appeals to him because of its dramatic effect. The composition and tonal variation has a universal appeal.
“Line also has a language,” Monir says. Tension and nervousness can be read in the lines, says the artist. This is very different from the work he has done earlier. Thus it is easy to communicate with India

Article source: http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/news/a-cut-above-the-rest/

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