A luminous display!

The brilliant rainbow-lights with its myriad hues outshine the black and white of zebras; the frame outlined with a blood-red marker makes the ‘picture’ perfect.  ‘Light Creations’, an exhibition and photo projection conducted at Press Club Hall by Paris-based artist and spiritual guru Yoa, created a kaleidoscopic play of light and imagery. In his palatable display of surrealistic photographs, Yoa managed to capture the sheer power of light and its immense possibilities. The surrealistic-fantasy ringing in his luscious pictures languishingly takes you away from the real world, despite, its subjects being giraffes, zebras and many other nature’s wonders. The collage of images and light are used intelligently to balance each other in their depiction.

“For me an artist is a person who is in communion with the source of inspiration. Art should serve to expand the beauty in us all. It has to raise our souls in heights just like Victor

Article source: http://newindianexpress.com/cities/thiruvananthapuram/A-luminous-display/2013/04/22/article1556136.ece

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