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Apparently some of George W Bush’s critics are bothered by the fact that he’s quite a competent painter and in particular that he has a skill for perspective, because it implies that he’s capable of seeing things from a different point of view. But art critic Morgan Meis (h/t Browser) takes the reader through a quick historical and theoretical tour of Realism and the work of Degas to arrive at the conclusion that Bush’s critics have nothing to worry about:

Comparing the paintings of George W. Bush and Edgar Degas is an absurd undertaking if we are talking about quality. We would be comparing a hobbyist with one of the great masters. But I am not suggesting that we compare in terms of quality. I am suggesting that we can learn something about the Realist mind when we look at the art of George W. Bush as well as that of

Article source: http://www.lowyinterpreter.org/post/2013/05/01/Bush-the-artist-A-question-of-perspective.aspx

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