A rare artist, an extraordinary journey

Celebrated artist S.H. Raza tells Atul Mittal about his childhood days and how he took to canvas

There is not an art-lover who does not identify the much-talked about ‘bindu’ with S.H. Raza. And ever since he came back from France, Raza has been short of neither connoisseurs nor popular acclaim. He has held court at literary festival, art galleries and even seminars. Some excerpts from a chat with the high spirited veteran:

You have never written about your childhood from which your journey as a painter began more than eight decades ago.

I would like to write about my childhood but health and other issues stop me. I grew up in a wonderfully secular Muslim family. My father, a forest ranger, was very intelligent and gave us direction with respect to religion and the environment of Madhya Pradesh where I was born.

In our district, Brahmins,

Article source: http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/metroplus/a-rare-artist-an-extraordinary-journey/article4290667.ece

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