A retrospective of Chuck Connelly’s paintings is small but potent

In today’s overheated and unregulated art market, it seems like artists are more like brands than cultural producers. Art seems more than ever to be a consumer good like any other. And just like every other commodity, marketing is essential to making a sale.

This must be incredibly frustrating for many artists, but in reality it has always been this way. Patrons, dealers and institutions promote the lucky ones while many others, often of equal talent, are marginalized or under-recognized. While some artists are purposefully anti-establishment or experimental, most artists just want to be acknowledged, if not paid, for the work they are doing.

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Article source: http://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/a-retrospective-of-chuck-connellys-paintings-is-small-but-potent/Content?oid=1798890

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