A young woman with dangerous sexual stirrings who’s worth watching

With its nods to gothic horror, female sexual awakening and psycho-supernatural spookiness, “Thelma” joins a spate of recent films treading similar terrain, including “Raw,” “The Witch” and “The Babadook.” The title character, a college student in Norway, begins to experience strange physical seizures when she’s confronted with desires considered taboo by her overprotective Christian parents. Whether Thelma is the victim of malign forces beyond her control or the Scandinavian equivalent of horror heroine Carrie, is the central question in this superbly controlled, if derivative, variation on a familiar theme.

Directed by Joachim Trier (“Oslo, August 31st,” “Louder Than Bombs”) from a script he wrote with Eskil Vogt, “Thelma” is gorgeous to look at, its widescreen vistas taking in serene frozen lakes, a subdued college campus and a possibly haunted house with quiet, observant equanimity. Portrayed in a skillfully restrained performance by Eili Harboe, Thelma is a compelling but oddly impassive character,

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