Abstract art exhibit now on display at Garth Gallery

There’s no reason to be afraid of abstract art. 

Many people are. Or at least they’re a bit intimidated by it.

Cle Berntheizel wants to change that. The owner of Garth Gallery in Columbia is holding his annual Abstract Art Show for the purpose of soothing any trepidation that people have about art that doesn’t necessarily look like a tree or a barn.

Of course, it might actually be a tree. It’s just hard to tell.

“I like to acquaint people with all kinds of art. This exhibit on abstract art will be followed by an exhibit on realism,” says Berntheizel.

As Berntheizel explains

Article source: http://lancasteronline.com/features/entertainment/abstract-art-exhibit-now-on-display-at-garth-gallery/article_13a827f8-e2ec-11e4-8e05-af439694d88e.html

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