Abstract expressionism, feminism and Cow Tipping for Rebecca Ward at …

happens when you rethink American abstract expressionism in the light
of feminism? Inverting paint to bleach and picking away the canvas to
make its material integral to the work, Rebecca Ward says her solo show
at Ronchini is concerned with this very concept.

Ward is a young
Texan-born artist living in Brooklyn and collaborating with the extended
Italian network of the London gallery – her current residency is in the
small Italian town of Todi, working with 88-year-old painter Carla

She has also been commissioned by Stella MacArtney and
Centre 548 New York. But this show marks a departure from her signature
tape installations, which are known to dramatically alter spaces.

feel of the show is approachable, fresh and original, with the artist
using bleach across a thinned, transparent surface, rarely using a
paintbrush for these “paintings”.

The scale of these pieces is
diminished, artfully composed without

Article source: http://www.culture24.org.uk/art/painting%20%26%20drawing/art431660

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