Abstract Expressionism

But others relishing in Miller’s abilities know the paintings do produce a clear picture: one of a motivated man seeking to gain independence through his artwork.

Miller, 27, receives assistance through the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities.    

The 2005 EHOVE Career Center graduate participates in a board-sponsored program called individual budgets, in which officials provide funding — through taxpayer dollars — for goods and services clients desire.

Erie County is one of the only counties in Ohio offering individual budgets, a tool proven to help people with disabilities become more independent. The budgets have helped others obtain driver’s licenses, wheelchair upgrades, nutritional supplements and other items they couldn’t buy or afford on their own.

In Miller’s case, he leveraged almost $1,800 from the board to launch his own art business.

The funds first helped Miller develop a business plan, outlining how he can sell his paintings, drawings, prints and even

Article source: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/article/erie-county-board-developmental-disabilities/5187056

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