Across the Fence: There’s still life after 50

Welcome. Pull up a chair and have a seat. Things are pretty quiet for a Friday night here at the Coon Ridge First and Last Chance Saloon. It’s the first and last chance ‘cause it’s on the edge of town. The first place to stop on your way in and the last place to stop on your way home.
Besides the two of us, the only other people in the bar are Tiny Olson and Tom Tollakson, and of course, the best and only bartender in Coon Ridge, Harry Fieldhouse. Harry is old. Real old. No one knows his age, but most people in Coon Ridge figure Harry must be pushing 100 and still going strong.
Harry has heard it all during his many years of listening to his patrons unload their troubles on him. He’s also full of wisdom, which he dishes out in big doses to those same

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