African-American Artists ‘Say it Loud’ at Norton Exhibition

Django may be unchained in movie theaters across the country, but no amount of blood-spurting revenge splatter from Jamie Foxx can make us feel any more comfortable about slavery – this country’s eternal shame. But while debates have been, and will continue to, rage on about the appropriateness of Quentin Tarantino’s racially charged spaghetti western, there’s no question that the artists in the Norton Museum’s new exhibition “Say it Loud” have every right to express their views on black history, of which the scourge of slavery – both institutional and otherwise – is a frequently appearing topic.

Taking its name from a militant 1968 recording by James Brown, “Say it Loud” was organized to showcase the depth and variety of African and African-American artists in the museum’s permanent collection. More than 20 artists’ works are displayed, and the dozens of pieces – ranging from figural to abstract, and from sculptures and

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