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“Altered Landscapes,” a new exhibition showcasing work from the Akron Art Museum collection, opens Feb. 14. Landscape has long been a subject of art, but the contemporary artworks included in “Altered Landscapes” expand our understanding of landscape with imaginative and sometimes fanciful work.

“We wanted to re-approach the subject by sharing works from the collection that take innovative approaches to landscape motifs,” said Janice Driesbach, chief curator. “And we are delighted to be presenting art works that are new to our collection or have not been on view recently. These include the remarkable ten-foot scroll “Three Gorges Dam Migration” by Yun-Fei Ji, addressing the destruction of thousands of villages as a result of the construction of the monumental Yangtze River dam. For his composition, Ji uses a style and format that evokes traditional Chinese painting techniques. However, the dress and possessions of the tenderly-portrayed figures indicate that the events depicted in

Article source: http://www.the-news-leader.com/entertainment/2015/02/14/akron-art-museum-highlights-altered-landscapes

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